Restore Hope Foundation has thus far:

  • Provided support to Bahamas Power & Light personnel (food and lodging) to accelerate installation of a replacement electricity supply structure, which is now in place but in need of power supply. We have funded the initial fuel requirement for an on-island generator due to be installed by BPL in May 2020 which will hook up with the new lines and provide island wide electrification.
  • Funded extensive clean-up of public areas across the island – a great deal has been done but much remains to achieve a return to normality.
  • Funded rebuilding of the Hope Town medical clinic. Nearing completion.
  • Funded partial restoration of the children’s play ground and library.

Immediate community project restoration rebuild

  • Hope Town Library
  • Public Shower and Public Restrooms
  • Hope Town Clinic
  • Post Office Services
  • Plant a Tree Program
  • Children’s Play Ground

Together with other established non-profit organizations

  • Hope Town Primary school
  • Hope Town Community Center
  • Hope Town Harbour clean-up
All projects need our help. If you live on the island, if you visit the island, if you are a second-homeowner help get this magical place back in shape!